What Is Poker?

Dating back to as late as the 16th century, poker is quite a popular game. It has numerous variations but the popular ones are the Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and the seven card stud poker. You have the option of playing it professionally or casually for as little as a few matchsticks but despite the reasons, it requires a bit of luck and skills. Everyone is the master of their own fate.

How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Players are served with two cards as their hole cards/pocket cards and then proceed into rounds of betting. Before placing a bet players are given 3 community cards or board cards to make a total of 5 cards. A playing hand consists of one blind or numerous blinds, Antes or a combination of both blinds and Antes.

The initial stage of betting starts with the player who is to the immediate left of the blind. Every other player proceeds to call the big blind, fold or raise it. The dealer flops 3 community cards which unlock the second stage of poker bets. Here, players, starting with the one to the immediate left of the croupier proceeds to bet with an option of raising, folding or calling the bet.

Rules Of Texas Hold’em Poker

Just like other casino games, Texas Hold’em poker comes with a set of rules that ensure minimal conflicts between players and the dealer. For instance, if the first or second hole card has been seen by players, this results in a misdeal. The dealer shall retake the cards and reshuffle them. If any other hole card is exposed due to the dealer’s error, the deal shall continue. If the flop contains more than 3 cards, then it is automatically re-dealt.

A Summary Of Poker Games

Poker games can be a great source of casino entertainment and big wins if you have mastered the skills rightly. However, before jumping into the world of poker gambling, it is imperative to know the different versions of the game and the rules applicable to them. Familiarise yourself with betting procedures and you could unlock incredible wins amid congratulatory cheers from the lively dealers.